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We faced the same issue when we first began testing massage chairs. It can be a shady experience. 7 days a week you can come into our Indianapolis or Vegas showrooms to meet with us, shake our hands and try the massage chair.

This is a true story. When we first bought our massage chairs to test, we found what felt like a great deal on a website. The gentleman gave us a price for 6 chairs over the phone. When financing was arranged to buy the chairs his price went up. He denied that he had told us the price that he had indeed spoke. Luckily I had written notes and I took a photo and sent to him. He replied, "it looks like they were changed after the fact". Yeah, I was shocked.

So I remembered during the call that I heard a voice say "Google Voice is now recording". Well, I love Google Voice as a phone number for many reasons, and I was aware that either party could hit *4 and record the call. I assumed he did that for his protection. I went into my Google Voice account and sure enough, both parties were apparently using Google Voice because I had the call in my system to easily download and play.

I sent him the audio of his price, the same price I had written in my notes. Even after sending him his own voice and my own notes, he denied it still and begrudgingly gave me the price originally offered to me. I knew in that moment, that this industry needed help. If that is the type of games that are being played by sellers towards consumers, we needed to create a better way.

Oh yeah, he had a "7 day money back guarantee"......(insert fine print....if you paid full price). Well guess what? No one paid full price because he dangled a $100 or $200 off and no one is turning that down. Ergo, they lost the ability to legally be allowed a return. And if you did return it, it was at your expense.

Think about that when you compare massage chairs out there. You just spent many thousands on a chair and they will not take it back without you spending MORE to return it. That is just about every massage chair contract you will be offered.

So what did we decide for our policy? We cover all return costs and simply deduct from your refund amount. Let's clarify what that means:

You still pay to return it, but not out of your pocket after having already paid up front. If you had paid $6,000 for example and shipping is $250, than we would return back to you, $5,750. That might sound like semantics since we are still charging for the return, but I guarantee that many people who would have liked to return the chair they bought realize they do not have the packaging, the know-how or possibly the extra money laying around to return it. And that extra effort put upon you was part of the game from the beginning.

We come get the chair and package it up. We make it so easy to change your mind because our chair quality, installation process and training program reduces the chances that is going to happen.

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