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Going for steals is not a sure thing within NBA 2K

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2 years 9 months ago #202 by wfuuopy
wfuuopy created the topic: Going for steals is not a sure thing within NBA 2K
It's enjoyable, and Nba 2k22 Mt it can be an actual difficult task if you select the right setting. But, 2K has suffered from glitches and broken animations over the years. Broken animations are a problem that has caused problems for 2K for over three decades. It can be very annoying.

The most troublesome areas are in the defensive part of the floor. Going for steals is not a sure thing within NBA 2K as there is a high likelihood that the ball will be invisibility. It is impossible to steal AI's ball, if it is not hidden. This makes the game unfair, as the AI-controlled teams aren't affected by these problems. I would like to see an entire team of 2K Sports developers takes time to correct these issues. I am certain that the problems will be addressed and will enhance the performance of games.

Shot Contests The Shot Contests NBA 2K20 introduced a new shot contest that was based on different criteria to previous years. Last year's contest shot system was asymmetrical with the attacker. It was difficult for defenses to stop an attacking player. The new contest system is based on the defense's proximity to the attacker.

The new system made perimeter defense was much more effective. It became more difficult to knock down perimeter shots. The game played somewhat more balanced between offense and defense. However, the shot contest system was a new one that killed layups. The proximity requirement prevented layups that are among the top looks in basketball. This is a problem that is simple to resolve. 2K Sports could modify the finishing badges to increase chances of scoring layups.

AI Teammates – The AI MyCareer Teammates are currently in a poor state. The AI does not seem to possess any basketball sense. I'm not sure the number of times I've tried to pass to Cedi Osman who is a corner shooter in hopes of scoring an easy basket. It never happens. The AI holds onto the ball for at minimum three seconds, which allows the defense to cheap 2k22 mt close up. The ball is then taken by the AI when there is an uncontested 3. It typically hits the rim before rebounding off the wall.

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