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When is the RuneScape Double XP Event?

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1 year 3 weeks ago #495 by haoxiuyun
haoxiuyun created the topic: When is the RuneScape Double XP Event?
In reality, no handiest is OSRS gold the occasion time-restrained and only one gold hat could be capable of be crafted in keeping with each participant's preferences. As with their predecessors in 2001, Jagex says of the golden the hats "after the cut-off time in the future, they'll not be available to purchase again!"

What happens when the brand new object disrupts the financial system in-sport and lowers the price of existing party hats or be a brand new or better-quality item is not known until it becomes visible. Jagex may be marking the celebration in the same manner even though they are changing the in-sport Grand Exchange area to "a Golden Party Hat iciness wonderland".

The golden hat is the crowning addition (sorry) to RuneScape's 12 months-lengthy twentieth-anniversary celebrations. Launching along the returning partyhat occasion is the fourth and final installment of the anniversary quest, Once Upon a Time, taking a stroll throughout the year.

Appropriately named Finale The bankruptcy is described as "the idea of a journey that explores the RuneScape's horizon"gift, destiny, and destiny" as well as brings the story to an end for Relomia who is the antagonist of the quest."

Finale will feature players going to three locations - the Black Knight's Fortress and the World Gate, and the Kami-Shima island - which can also additionally gift glimpses of the future of their abilities. The completion of buy RS gold the bankruptcy will reward players with "4 Quest factors, a new and exciting T5 magical dice.

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3 weeks 5 days ago #866 by cofffee124
cofffee124 replied the topic: When is the RuneScape Double XP Event?
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