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The first Diablo 4 beta is over and the second

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11 months 4 days ago #620 by bertramuzi
bertramuzi created the topic: The first Diablo 4 beta is over and the second
I mean this could work, depending on how the seasons go and if Blizzard can stay on top of things. And of course if microtransactions attached to these seasons remain unintrusive Diablo 4 Gold . But yes, I will miss a big expansion a year from now if that’s the road we’re headed down.

The first Diablo 4 beta is over and the second is about to start in this weekend. This is ahead of a June release that does not appear to be getting pushed back, despite problems and Blizzard and the general tradition of AAA games getting delayed a million times.

Why? Because based on what I’ve seen, and now what I’ve played, I’m feeling an old itch. The looter itch that caused me to sink thousands upon thousands of hours into Diablo 2 and 3, often neglecting my real life to do so. And now here, two decades after Diablo 2 and one decade after Diablo 3, I’m in a different phase of life with more at stake. I can’t let myself get fully consumed by this series again.

Video game addiction is real, and it ain’t good. Playing games for a living like I do, it can be hard to differentiate between simply playing a lot of games and playing specific games obsessively. I can say with certainty I played Diablo 2 and 3 obsessively across parts of high school, college and post-grad life, usually associated with some pretty severe depressive episodes cheap Diablo IV Gold . Was I depressed because I was playing too much Diablo at the expense of everything else? Or was I playing too much Diablo because I was depressed?

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