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This is what you want have any familiarity with NBA2K22's season 1 Call to Ball

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bertramuzi created the topic: This is what you want have any familiarity with NBA2K22's season 1 Call to Ball
This is a test where your player must score against the paint starting from different spots along the floor NBA MT Coins . Certain movements and finishes will earn more points based on the degree of difficulty. You also get a bonus if you make consecutive shots before running out of attempts.

Users are able to make layups and dunks and even hit floaters over the defenses with this drill. The purpose of this exercise is to score the most points you can. In order to earn three stars on this drill, you will have to score at minimum 700 points in your shots.

Similar to Fatigued Finishing, Contested Finishing is another easy technique that is simple to do. In addition, the payback is higher, at 500 badge points for three-star finishes. In essence, you need to master one of the two movements (Reverse Layup and the Euro-Step) to benefit from this exercise.

Based on our experience, the close shot score or driving layup doesn't have for it to be especially high to be successful here. It doesn't help to have an Acrobat badge in order to increase your rate of finishing at the edge. It's called the One Man is a full-court drill that is designed to mimic fast-break scenarios that are played in the practice court. You'll bounce the ball, go the length of the court, and then play 3-on-3 to get a basket at the other end.

The scoring of all ten attempts is a good way to earn three stars for this practice and five buckets earns you two stars for this exercise. The CPU opponent will use the full court press on you Buy 2K22 MT , however this can easily benefit you from the fast break.

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