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Upon completing the "A verdant land" quest in your stronghold after which you'll

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Jack created the topic: Upon completing the "A verdant land" quest in your stronghold after wh
Upon completing the "A verdant land" quest in your stronghold after which you'll be granted access to a portal which will lead you to a resource farm inside your stronghold Lost Ark Gold . The island will produce trade skill materials for you to harvest every day, however there's one major restriction which is that you cannot trade or sell items you've earned from this farm. It is only possible to use them to craft. This island also provides exclusive resources for making chest bundles for your workshop. Items made using these resources can trade with players.

In addition, completing the mission "Ealyn's Requirement" within north Vern unlocks Chaos Dungeons and, by extension special missions to your station. Special missions work the same way as typical station missions except they also grant endgame loot in lieu of an usual endgame task. For example, a Chaos Dungeon special mission will grant Chaos Dungeon loot when completed along with your normal station missions. Mission rewards. These can be counted toward your daily limits in the endgame (Chaos Dungeon resonance Guardian Raid soul extractions etc.).

This feature is included it that KR version of Lost Ark and might not appear in the NA/EU version. We'll update this article when we know more details about this feature.

In the Korean client may eventually be granted access to an animal ranch which allows you to turn pets that are not needed into resource farmers. You can select the maximum of four pets to be part of your ranch, creating cookies over time. These cookies can be traded at a store to improve your pets' health or acquire new pets in total Cheap Lost Ark Gold . Because of the different pets between the KR versions and NA editions of Lost Ark, this system isn't nearly as useful, provided it was carried over between versions.

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