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Kawhi Leonard is an impressive player both on and off the floor

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doris89592 created the topic: Kawhi Leonard is an impressive player both on and off the floor
Find your place make a name for yourself in The City, the most wide-ranging basketball online world to 2k23 mt date (for PS5? ) or set off on an adventure in swashbuckling basketball (for PS4?) aboard Cruise Ship. No matter the journey, prepare to be there alongside the best ballers in the biggest basketball community. "The NBA 2K23 file size for Xbox Series X|S is three times larger than the size of Elden Ring and dwarfs Warzone, GTA V, Forza Horizon 5 and many more

In the past, Call of Duty games like Warzone were the crux of any joke that revolved around console storage space as well as the size of files. The Battle Royale, prior to embarking on a shrinking file size diet, could occupy large chunks of your internal storage space, just like the likes of Black Ops Cold War and . But with the impending release of NBA 2K23. Xbox players might get a brand new game to play with when it comes to hogging storage space.

As first spotted by MP1st to install NBA 2K23 on Xbox Series X|S has shown the sheer size this year's version of the basketball title is likely to be. The NBA 2K23 file size is 152 GB, making it one of the biggest games on the platform as of now.This dwarfs plenty of titles that could be thought to be quite large in file sizes.

Based on listings in the Xbox Store, the now less streamlined Warzone comes with a size of 95GB. GTA V is 96 GB, Assassin's Creed Valhalla comes at 112 GB while Forza Horizon 5 will take approximately 119 GB from your storage space. It's more than the huge battle game ARK: Survival Evolved, which has a total size of just 150 GB.This huge NBA 2K23 file size is also the equivalent of two Halo Infinites, or more than three Elden Rings.

It's also significantly bigger compared to last year's version, with NBA 2K22 weighing in as less than 120 GB on every platforms.NBA 2K titles are packed with tons of fantastic entertainment, but few believed that 2K23 would be the size it is.Let's hope that there's not too many scheduled Xbox Series X games with huge file sizes that you'll have to mt nba 2k23 for sale do some serious storage control of space...

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