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Diablo Immortal doesn't cost anything to play

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1 year 2 months ago #551 by MacMillanwu
MacMillanwu created the topic: Diablo Immortal doesn't cost anything to play
Diablo IV Gold Immortal doesn't cost anything to play, though in the initial few minutes, I was thinking it should cost. I would've rather paying a single, fixed amount to play in my own way instead of being bombarded with (surprisingly costly) microtransactions on a regular basis. Diablo Immortal is by no far as bad as free-to play games get, but every single F2P mechanic serves to hinder the game instead of enhancing it.

The first thing to note is that there's no need to pay money in Diablo Immortal if you're not interested in it. You'll still be able play the entire story as well as find plenty of loot, and take part in the various side-games. And for the first 20 or 30 character levels You may not feel like you're missing out on much.

However, after a couple of hours into the game, things slow drastically, and the F2P grind takes over. (This happens around the time that you begin to feel truly invested in the game. Just imagine this.) As opposed to the regular Diablo titles, Diablo Immortal occasionally just abruptly stops the story in its tracks, and will not allow you to play until you meet an arbitrary level threshold. That wouldn't be so bad If the game only limits your opportunities to get meaningful amounts of XP each day. After a few time-limited missions and dungeons, the choices are pretty much "run through the exact same level of dungeon and over" in addition to "buy the Battle Pass."

(It is quite telling that the game overwhelmingly recommends buying Battle Pass.) Battle Pass as an efficient way to level up.)

This is, of course this is where all the deceitful F2P nonsense kicks in. The game has about five or six currencies, and buy Diablo IV Gold it's not any way to know which currency you can earn, and what you'll need to purchase. The Battle Pass costs between $5 to $15, based on how many cosmetic items you want -- but there are two additional "daily reward" subscriptions, that cost just $10 and $20. If you're looking to earn every reward the game offers players, you'll be looking at an initial cost of $45.

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