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What should players who are new to Pokemon Sword and Shield know?

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3 years 5 months ago #174 by opkkmysough
opkkmysough created the topic: What should players who are new to Pokemon Sword and Shield know?
1. Communication
As a novice trainer, you need to communicate with other players and NPCs in the game. Whether it is exploring interesting and mysterious stories, learning skills, trading items, and Shiny Pokemon, you need to talk to players or NPCs.

2. Explore
There is a new open-world in the game which is a good place to get Pokemon. Of course, it is also a fun part of the game. You will experience all kinds of weather and powerful creatures. You can make raids, defeat powerful Pokemon and capture them. You can also get rich rewards.

3. Rest
Generally, camping is the best way to rest. The player allows Pokemon to interact during camping, which is a good way when the creature level is not high. The other is to grow Pokemon or gain bonuses by feeding various soups.

4. Work
Letting Pokemon go to work is a way to get some rewards, and it also allows him to gain experience points. Reasonably deploy your Pokemon team.

5. Settings
The settings and box options in the menu bar options are what players need to understand. You can quickly adjust the team from the storage, under non-special circumstances. Settings are options to help customize nicknames and operating habits. It is very good for players with their own special habits.

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